The Rencana TTDI Investment Opportunity

Rencana TTDI Malaysia presents an investment opportunity that is exclusive for Malay owners. Nevertheless, you cannot invest in this project not unless you know what it is offering. This SOFO development project offers executive, garden, deluxe, and corporate suites in the sky.

The Location

The location of Rencana TTDI project is in Taman Tun Dr. Ismaili, and it will be launching soon. It has two floors dedicated to business, duplex offices, corporate suites, garden terrace units, retail lots, flexible offices, and smart offices. Therefore, this development presents an all-inclusive office that will meet all your necessities. The only thing remaining before the launch of this development is the gallery.

The other facilities you will get in this development include a prayer room, a gymnasium, an infinity sky pool, a barbecue area, and much more. The surprising fact is that over ninety percent of these spaces are booked since last year. More than thirty percent of people that have finished paying for these units and the only remaining bit is appending their signatures on the ownership documents. If you have an interest in purchasing a stake in this development, it is advisable to do it now because you might get late.

The Units

The largest unit at this development approximates four thousand two hundred and sixty-nine square feet. Conversely, the largest percentage of these units measure more than four hundred and seventy-two square feet. The average cost of these units is five hundred and eighty RM per square foot. According to the Rencana TTDI by CK East Managing director, the company is interested in getting one buyer for the retail podium. One buyer will ensure that there is excellent control in tenancy because the unit measures over one hundred thousand square feet. The management is not willing to sell this location to individual owners.

If you have two hundred and eighty-two thousand RM, you are able to access a fully functional unit. You require only one thousand RM to book space and be among those investors of this exclusive project. It is interesting to have working space here because you have access to the optional tenancy program that the developer is offering so that he gives you a six percent return on your investment annually. When you rent it out to the developer after purchase, you will get a total return of twelve percent after two years.

About the Developer

The managing director of this company says that the firm is willing to manage the building if there is no reliable buyer with the capacity to manage it. You need to remember that the retail lot is the most valuable location that will determine the real value of this investment. The opportunity presented here is perfect if you have the interest of investing in a commercial property. After launching this property, you need to be sure that the return on investment will be very high. The developer is willing to make sure the return is high, making this project risk free. He still insists that this project is exclusive for Malayan people and other people like the Chinese and Indians are not liable to purchase it. Given a chance, this development is only awaiting the official launch.

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