One vs The Other (Pt 2)

I thought to build on the last post… the debate between the 2 factions of schooling… Here is another video, thought these girls did well by making this interview. The stereotypes are real, and it is good to talk about them I have to say, in my opinion, the one is a little more mature […]

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One vs The Other

Are you all up to home-schooling, or not? As I said in my bi0 – I was, and I still believe that it is the best option out there. I am however, keen to learn of that which I do not know, and I will admin that I ain’t have too much of an idea […]

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It Starts At Home

When it comes to raising kids, it certainly isn’t something that I can or should be talking about at this stage in life. But since this blog is all about tutoring and training, my eyes are always open. I observe people and so then also make up my mind how I want to live my […]

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Talking Tutoring

I learned something that I did not know exists. A guy in Baltimore changed the way I think about business. Last weekend we were on a road trip passing through many states on the East Coast. After a long day on the road, we pulled over to sleep on a farm near Washington. We woke up […]

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One has to wonder what is the motive behind a teacher becoming a teacher. I plan on finding out what my real motive is. I wrote down what I now believe, and plan to do that every 5 years and compare it as I grow older. But sometimes you have to wonder about some teacher’s motives. […]

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